Menorah Galleries is considered by many specialists in Judaica to be the world's leading dealer in antique Jewish ritual objects and art. The gallery was founded by Avi Girshengorn and Meir Appel. Raised in Israel and Williamsburg respectively, their families collected and were immersed with the world of Judaica, leading both to develop great love for and first-hand knowledge of Jewish art and antiques. 

Menorah galleries offers antique ritual objects and art from various Jewish communities around the globe, spanning more than 300 years of Jewish history. The scope of the collection includes objects from Jerusalem made by the  renown arts and crafts school- Bezalel.  

Menorah Galleries – Philosophy and Vision

As co-founders of Menorah Galleries, we believe that each collector should have a deep personal connection to the objects he purchase. By their nature, Jewish ritual objects and art have a long history with each has its own story to tell; to their collectors, such items provide intellectual knowledge of Jewish culture and a deep connection to its past. As the galleries' owners, we hope to nurture such relationship between collector and object. For this reason, each object that Menorah Galleries acquire is personally selected for its intrinsic beauty, aesthetic value, and historical importance. Like our clients, we too are collectors every time we purchase an object. We are pleased to bring this personal experience and passion to our work at Menorah Galleries.


Buying From Menorah Galleries

Menorah Galleries have been purchased for public display by museums around the world. Our clients also include a vast array of private individuals who acquire unique Judaica to enrich their surroundings and lives, and ultimately prove to be prudent financial investments.


Menorah Galleries has developed one of the antique Judaica trade's most vigorous and stringent procedures of due diligence for establishing the provenance and ownership history of its objects. This ensures that antique Jewish ritual objects come from reputable channels on the open market and are in accordance with applicable legislation and the governing body of international law. Menorah Galleries employs researchers who match objects against lost art registries, such as the Art Loss Register Ltd (, and who seek out documentation of prior ownership, including, but not limited to publications, sworn affidavits, dated photographs, invoices, customs documents, and insurance policies.

Menorah Galleries go to great length to establish the authenticity of any of its proposed antique Judaica. This extends from scholarly historical and stylistic analysis to scientific reports and tests. This is done to ensure that each artifact is authentic with regard to its description and date.

Menorah Galleries stand firmly by its objects and we offer clients our guarantee with regard to the object's authenticity and provenance.

Selling to Menorah Galleries

Menorah Galleries purchase antique Jewish ritual objects and art from private collectors, public auctions, antique dealers, and art brokers worldwide.

Expertise and Evaluation

Menorah Galleries offer an evaluation service for those who seek to verity the authenticity and/or the value of an antique Judaica that is within our sphere of expertise.


To place an order for any item from our online collection please contact us directly.