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Showcasing Jewish Antiques and Their Stories

A 17th-century Polish pointer used for reading prayer scrolls is shaped like a hand, its wooden fingers worn to stubs. Hanukkah lamps from Morocco are pieced together with brass plates and bits of colored glass.


Q&A Avi Girshengorn

Avi Girshengorn is one of two principals who in December introduced a new and fresh spirit in the world of Judaica by opening Menorah Gallery at the Manhattan Art & Antiques Center on Second Avenue in New York City.



In Holland, 270-year-old menorah sells for record $440k

AMSTERDAM - A 270-year-old menorah became the most expensive artifact of its kind sold in the Netherlands in recent memory after it fetched $441,000 at auction. The menorah, which belonged to the family of a Dutch Jewish resistance fighter killed by the Nazis, was sold last week by the Venduehuis der Notarissen auction house in The Hague to an unnamed Jewish collector, the Omroep West broadcaster reported.


Dutch War Hero's 270-Year-Old Menorah Auctions Off For $440K

Host Ailsa Chang speaks with Annelies de Boer about the sale of an 18th century menorah. It belonged to the family of a famous Dutch Jewish resistance fighter killed by Nazis and sold for $440,000. AILSA CHANG, HOST: An auction house in the Netherlands was the site of a bidding war over an 18th-century menorah.